Best Hair Colours for Curly Hair

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Want to add some beautiful shades to your curly or afro hair? Whether you’re a wannabe redhead or a blonde queen at heart, this year’s summer hair colour trends will satisfy your inner daredevil. As Afro and multi-textured curly hair is naturally dry and brittle, colouring afro hair needs a professional expert who will prescribe the perfect hair colouring process and products to ensure your hair is completely cared for.

Get some inspiration with these top trending hair colour shades for curly hair, brought to you by Afrotherapy hair salon in North London, experts for colouring afro and curly hair.

At Afrotherapy, we use Goldwell hair colour with our valued clients, believing Goldwell to be the best hair colour brand for afro and multi textured hair. The rich vibrant colours on the Goldwell spectrum are delivered with a signature moisture and gloss which ensures your hair colour looks and feels incredible.

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Blonde Hair Shades for Afro & Curly Hair

Blonde hair shades are a perfect fit for wavy and curly hair, as it gives the hair more bounce and shine. Our professional hair colour technicians can give you a beach blonde, honey blonde or a copper blonde shade for a more natural, sun-kissed appearance. We can also create a personalised hair colour to suit your face shape and skin tone.

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Red Hair Colours at Top Afro Hair Salon in London

Many curly-haired celebrities such as Rihanna, have long rocked the red hair shade, creating a trend for big curly hot red hair.

If you are after a dramatic and bold change in hair colour, then a Rihanna inspired crimson red hair colour is the shade to go with.

Less bold but safer hair shades are available if you want to experiment with colour on your curls – opt for copper hair and burgundy hair shades which look great on many hair types and skin shades.

bright red afro hair colour, afro hair salon in edmonton Best Hair Colours for Curly HairBest Hair Colours for Curly Hair

Blue Hair Colour for Afro Hair & Curly Hair Types

The growing trend in blue hair colour is both subtle and daring. Made popular by Kylie Jenner, this trend comes with many beautiful shades of blue such as denim blue hair, blue-grey hair and pastel blue hair. If you would like a blue hair colour on your curly or Afro hair but you are not sure which shade fits you best, get in touch with one of our expert hair colour stylists at Afrotherapy.

Rainbow Hair Colours for Afro Hair & Multi textured Hair

Best Hair Colours for Curly HairBrighter and lighter hair colours are some of the best hair colours for summer. If you are a sucker for all things colourful, dive right into the essence of summer with beautiful rainbow coloured curls.  

It is great fun as you are able to wear multiple hair colours in your hair at the same time. Alternative softer pastel rainbow colours can be used if you are after a more subtle rainbow hair look.



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