Models Inspire Afro Hair Trends 2016

2016 Hair Ideas & Trends for Afro Hair – Inspired by Catwalk Models

The trend for healthy afro hair looks set to continue in 2016 as women embrace their natural curls.  At Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton, North London, we can help you keep your hair in the best condition with the latest hair treatments designed especially for women with afro hair or multi-textured hair.

With some wonderful advances in hair colour technology, 2016 is also the year to experiment with your hair colour.  Some well placed highlights or lowlights or a subtle ombre or balayage hair colour technique can really enhance your hair cut so talk to your Afrotherapy hair colour specialist if you are interested in colouring your hair.

We predict some of the hottest hair trends for women with afro hair and include comments from some of the top black models.  Find out what they have to say about their hair… 

Big Bouncy Natural Afro Curly Hair

The trend for natural afro curls continues as we move into Autumn and Winter 2016.  We continue to see models strut the catwalks wearing their hair in its naturally curly state.  This is what some of the top black models have to say about their hair:

Yasmin says: “I change my hair to suit my mood; either tight curls, looser curls or all puffed out.”

Lily L:  “My hair was such a big issue for me growing up – I have that coarse texture that no-one seemed to want. But now, when I see women rocking their natural hair on the catwalks, it makes me feel incredible. If young girls see us embracing our afros, it will encourage them to do the same.”

Demi:  “Everyone loves the look of natural curls now. People stop me in the street to tell me they like my hair or ask to touch it. I used to relax it but then it started to break off – I’ve worn it curly ever since. It makes me so happy to see women like Solange and Amandla Stenberg – massive natural hair icons – just owning it. That’s a powerful statement.”

We all need to give our hair a rest every now and then so let us help you to grow your natural afro curls out.  We can help you get your hair and scalp into great condition and will make sure you have a hair cut that suits your hair type, your face shape and looks sensational.

Short Tapered Afro Hair Cuts

Short hair continues to be a popular choice for women.  We are experts in cutting and styling naturally curly black hair so let us work out magic and give you a short hairstyle that suits you and looks great.  

Model Lily F says: “I like short hair on girls. I find it really pretty and really strong. I’ve had my hair cut like this for two years; before that I had a mohawk. Now it’s so easy – I just wake up and go. For me, having short hair feels like a kind of freedom.”

Slicked Back Afro Hair Trend

Add a slick of gel to your hair and wear it slicked back off your face for an on-trend hairstyle in 2016.  This is a look that is easy to achieve and can look ultra chic.  If your hair is naturally curly, add some pretty hair clips to hold your slicked back style in place.

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