Natural & Naturally Curly Hair

Natural Afro Hair & Naturally Curly Hair Services at Afrotherapy, London

Natural afro hair is beautiful and for those of our clients with natural afro and naturally curly hair, we have many hairdressing services at our London Hair Salon including treatments and home haircare products that will ensure your hair looks and feels fantastic.

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Benefits of Naturally Curly Hair

Naturally Curly Afro Hair at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, LondonWe are often never happy with our natural hair. Those with straight hair wish it was curly and we know that many of our clients with natural curly afro hair want their hair to be relaxed and straight. For those natural beauties who want to accept their hair and make the best of their afro and curly hair styles, it is still vitally important to maintain regular appointments with your afro hairdresser to keep a close eye on the health of the hair and scalp. There are many advantages of natural afro hair and curly textured hair including;

  • Natural afro or curly textured hair is healthy
  • Non-relaxed hair is strong, durable, more nutrient dense, sheds less and grows faster
  • Stronger natural afro and textured hair can withstand more styling options such as braiding
  • The weather won’t necessarily ruin a naturally curly/afro textured hair style
  • More styling options – curly one day and blow dried/ironed straight the next
  • Less time spent styling day to day
  • Less visits to the salon
  • Less money spent on hair treatments

Caring For & Styling Natural Afro Hair

Caring for natural curls requires the right product for your type of curl, your hair’s condition and your scalp health. At Afrotherapy, in addition to our professional London afro salon, we also stock and extensive range of afro, multi textured and curly hair products in salon and on our online store at During your hairdressing appointment at Afrotherapy Salon, your expert afro and multi textured hair stylist will advise you on different styling methods and prescribe the perfect products for you to take home and maintain the condition of your hair in between salon visits. We stock an extensive range of products from leading professional afro haircare brands including MizaniKeraCareMoroccanoilCURLSDesign EssentialsFerm,FROMixed Chicks and many more.

Going Back To Natural After Having Your Hair Relaxed

At Afrotherapy, London afro hairdressers, we realise that many clients wish to make the change and navigate their previously relaxed hair back to a natural curly state. Understanding that this process can require some professional help, we offer a transitioning service for clients who wish to go from relaxed hair to natural hair, or for those who wish to press their hair occasionally.

If you would like to chat through the styling options for your afro and multi textured curly hair please call Afrotherapy and chat with your expert stylist at our London afro salon on 020 8345 5621.