Icons with Afro and Mixed Race Hairstyles

Afrotherapy | Ultimate Afro Hair Icons

It goes without saying that afro and mixed race hairstyles have progressed massively over the last few decades. Musicians, politicians, artists and many other high profile stars with afro and mixed race hair across the world have experimented with bold colour choices, daring haircuts and unique hair styles – challenging the boundaries of what hairstyles can be achieved with multi-textured hair. We have carefully compiled a list of our four ultimate Afro Hair Icons, including Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Emeli Sande. Their changing hairstyles, fashion sense, daring use of hair colour, mixed with an abundance of talent, of course, has made them among the most photographed, copied style icons for women with afro, black and mixed race hair.

Michelle Obama Hair Style Profile

As the First Lady of the USA, Michelle Obama is arguably one of the most famous women in the world. Whilst many a fashion magazine has long been lusting after her impeccable sense of style, the team at Afrotherapy, London have been super-impressed by her incredible range of hairstyles. Michelle’s timeless, Presidential hairstyles are never too over-complicated – making them easier to emulate within the salon. Oozing class, we love how the First Lady plays with different styles, never constricted by the short length of her hair. 

Beyoncé Hair Style Profile

Widely regarded as the entertainer of a generation, superstar Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has dominated the music scene for over a decade, and rightly so. The singer’s fashion, lifestyle and overall image has changed immensely over time – with her hairstyle changes at the forefront. We take a look at some of our favourite hairstyles that the singer has showcased throughout the years – everything from surprisingly short pixie crops to long, glamourours curls. Here we see Beyonce rock a multitude of hair looks. Long, blonde extensions styled in loose curls. A centre-parted, ombré bob worn in tight curls for the Grammy Awards red carpet. The superstar embracing her natural, tight afro curls. Natural, flowing, tight afro curls worn in Summer 2012. Perfect.

Rihanna Hair Style Profile

Rihanna’s trademark risqué style, musical talent and outspoken personality may dominate the headlines, but at Aftrotherapy, London, it is the superstar’s ever-changing hairstyles that have got our full attention. Rihanna began her hair journey with long, straightened brunette hair when she first broke into the music industry in the early noughties. Relatively tame in hindsight! The Bajan superstar has reinvented her look to match each album release, trying out everything from blunt edgy bobs, blonde quiffs, vibrant cherry-red curls, and tumbling jet black mermaid waves. Our team of award-winning afro-hair colourists in London love how Rihanna champions dynamic, daring hair colour. Her hair style evolution is arguably one of the most interesting, fresh and inspiring of any celebrity with afro-hair to date. Here, we take a look at four of our favourite hairstyles that have scored Rihanna a place as an Afro Hair Icon. 

Emeli Sandé Hair Style Profile

Media darling and uber-talented musician Emile Sande has had an incredible couple of years as an emerging musician – with killer hair to match. Her bright blonde tresses, styled into a sculptured, striking mo-hawk turn heads for all the right reasons. Forward thinking and bang on trend – we are LOVING Emeli’s style at Afrotherapy. To emulate any of these afro and mixed race hairstyles, visit Afrotherapy, London for a bespoke, complimentary consultation with an Afrotherapy professional hair stylist, or call our North London afro hairdressers on 020 8345 5621.