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Cuts & Styles For Afro, Multi-Textured & Natural Black Hair at London's Top Hairdressers for Black Women - Afrotherapy Salon in Edmonton

Cutting, styling and colouring afro and natural black hair is a specialist process that requires the best afro hairdressers in London. Our luxurious afro hairdressing salon in Edmonton, North London caters for many different types of afro and multi-textured hair and can help you find the perfect hairstyle for your afro hair.

Our stylists have years of experience in creating award-winning, beautiful hair colour and hairstyles for natural afro and multi-textured hair, relaxed hair and hairstyles for women with weaves, locs and braids.


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Modern Styles For Relaxed Afro Hair

We can soften naturally curly afro hair with a relaxer service at Afrotherapy hair salon in North London. Ideal for women with Afro Caribbean hair or multi-textured mixed race hair, a relaxer will make your afro curls less tangled and easier to style and manage. Your hair can then be styled exactly as you want it, whether that is in an upstyle, sleek ponytail, cut into a short tapered relaxed hairstyle for black hair, or reshaped a little longer.

Haircuts & Styles for Natural or Multi Textured Hair, Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, London
Haircuts & Styles for Natural or Multi Textured Hair, Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, London
Haircuts & Styles for Natural or Multi Textured Hair, Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, London

Natural Afro Hairstyles & Ideas 

We all need to give our hair a rest every now and then, so let us help you to grow your natural afro curls out.  We know that the transition from relaxed black hair to natural afro hair can be frustrating, so please take advantage of our expertise and let us help!

The trend for big afro hair continues and the key to having sensational grown-out afro hair is to keep it well conditioned and to invest in regular haircuts to keep the shape.

Short natural afro hairstyles also look great, so if you're not ready for a full-on fro, book in for a consultation so we can suggest some short hair ideas for your afro hair. We can give you a hair cut that suits your hair type, face shape and looks sensational.

The condition of your hair and scalp is important and we offer the latest hair & scalp treatments for women with Afro Caribbean and multi-textured curly hair. Speak to your stylist who will be pleased to prescribe the right products for your curl type, hair length, porosity and condition.

Short Tapered Hair Cuts for Afro Caribbean Hair

If you have a short natural afro hairstyle (or you're looking to create one!) we'd recommend regular maintenance appointments at Afrotherapy to keep your hair looking stylish.   

For short relaxed afro hair, we recommend you return to Afrotherapy every 4-6 weeks to relax the regrowth and have your hair precision cut to maintain the style. Tapered short haircuts are ideal on black and multi-ethnic hair because they allow us to create hairstyles that look stylish and have great shape. 

Hair Colour Ideas For Women With Black Afro Hair

With some wonderful advances in hair colour technology, so now is the time to experiment with your hair colour. Some well-placed highlights or lowlights or a subtle balayage hair colour can really enhance your hair cut, so talk to your Afrotherapy hair colour specialist if you are interested in colouring your hair.

If you are hankering after a pastel hair colour, be aware that your hair will need to be bleached to a much lighter shade to allow the pastel shades to show.  Reds, purples and dark blues are a much better fashion hair colours for black women or bi-racial women with multi-textured hair.

Hair Weaves For Black Women 

If you desire longer hair or smoother hair, consider either relaxing your hair or having a weave.  Relaxer treatments will give you smoother, straighter hair that is easier to style and manage, but if you are looking for black hair with length and volume, talk to your stylist about having a weave.

Your weave will be added by sewing wefted hair extensions into your natural hair which has been carefully braided into tracks. Whether your own hair is relaxed or natural, weaving is a discreet method of applying additional hair. 

We can help you choose your new hair in our salon or we can fit hair that you have bought yourself.  We strongly recommend that you invest in a high quality 100% human hair weft, in order to achieve the most natural looking, long-lasting results possible.

Afrotherapy offers a full range of hair extension and weave services for afro hair at our London salon including Twists, Braiding & Extensions, Bonding, Kinky Twists, Marley Braids, Havana Braids and Afro Kinky. Please call us on 020 8345 5621 for more information and to book a consultation.

Locs & Braids for Afro Hair

Looking for an afro hairstyle that is easy to maintain?  Try locs or braids!   Once your loc or braid has been guided into position, all you need to do is wash and condition your hair to fresh and fabulous.

All our Afrotherapy stylists are experts in creating locs and braided hairstyles for multi-textured hair.  Locs can be created using braids, two-strand twists, palm rolls and comb coils - and your stylist will be happy to help you decide on the perfect locs for your afro hair. Locs (or dreadlocks) tend to remain in place for years as they can be difficult and time-consuming to 'unfurl'.

Braids can remain in place for months or removed in a jiffy - depending on what you desire! There are a multitude of different braided hairstyle for Afro-Caribbean and Mixed Race women. These include crochet braids, cornrows, box braids, microbraids, French braids, twisted rope braids, fishtail braids...and more!  

Once your hair has been braided, it can be styled in different ways including coiled into an upstyle or bun, twisted to one side or left to hang naturally.  

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Book Your Consultation With An Afro Hair Specialist At Afrotherapy Salon In Edmonton, North London

We'd like to welcome you into our salon for a complimentary consultation during where we can discuss your hair length, curl type, condition and style you desire.  If you have your hair relaxed regularly we will be able to check your scalp health, hair porosity and condition and suggest treatments that can inject moisture, shine and gloss into your hair for a perfect finish. 

Whatever your hair desire, make sure you book in for a consultation with your Afrotherapy specialist soon by calling us on 020 8345 5621 or book online.