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What is a texture release at Afrotherapy hair salon?
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Do you offer hair colour correction services?

Yes! Colour and silk press can be done on the same day. Read more about the hair colouring services we provide for afro & textured hair at Afrotherapy hair salon in London.

When done correctly, the results are very impressive and potentially less harmful than relaxers. In some instances the contrast in textures between your curly roots and straight ends can cause hair to break where the two textures meet. Rest assured, your Afrotherapy stylist will give you the correct aftercare instructions following your Silk Press.

Using specially designed hair products, hair is shampooed before being blow dried straight and then ironed flat with irons. The results are flawless and silky locks.

We believe so! Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton has gained a reputation for being experts in silk press treatments. Read our top salon reviews from delighted clients.

A Brazilian blow dry will allow more movement in the hair compared to a silk press which offers a straighter look.

If your hair is dry, brittle or damaged then excess heat from a silk press treatment may cause further damage and you may be advised to wait until the condition of your hair has improved before having the treatment. At Afrotherapy, we are fully versed in advising our clients on the best hair products for multi-textured, mixed-race hair and curly textured hair types. Smoothing shampoos, conditioners and conditioning treatments are key in prepping the hair for the heat. Chat with a member of our experienced team who will happily suggest the right ones for you.

At Afrotherapy Salon, London we believe that the addition of hair extensions can transform your look entirely – enhancing volume, length and even adding dashes of colour. We recommend you book a consultation with one of our hair extension experts to chat through the options available.

To achieve longevity it is important to make sure that the hair is protected from humidity and water as much as possible. Wear a cap while showering and wrap hair in a silk head scarf at bedtime to keep volume and movement in the hair. You can also give your hair the VIP treatment by investing in a silk pillowcase.

It is important to avoid exposing your hair to any moisture. The smallest amount of moisture and/or humidity in the air can make your silk pressed hair frizzy and puffy.

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If you are having regular silk presses on your hair then this can alter your curl pattern slightly. It is recommended to have a treatment every three to four months to maintain the health of the hair.

It is recommended to have a treatment every three to four months to maintain the health of the hair.

A texture release at Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton is a semi-permanent straightening system that temporarily loosens curls and coils and makes your hair straight whilst maintaining your natural curl. It is an alternative treatemnt to a relaxer.

Texture release is the ideal process for curly to excessively curly hair textures. Find out more about Multi-Textured and Mixed Race curl pattens.

No. A texture release is not a keratin formulated product.

A texture release service at our Edmonton salon is a heat-activated straightening system that uses a combination of amino acids and glyoxylic acid to temporarily loosen curly and coily hair.

A relaxer will make your hair completely straight. A texture release is different in that it is a semi-permanent straightening system that makes your hair straight whilst maintaining your natural curls.

A texture release is a semi-permanent straightening system. You can expect it to stay in your hair for up to 12 weeks.

You can have a texture release with a weave. We recommend you book a consultation with one of our hair extension experts who will guide you through your choices. Read more about hair extensions at Afrotherapy hair salon.

The texture release system is formulated with amino acids and glycolic acid, which help reduce breakage.

It is important to follow the correct texture release aftercare. It is advised not to get it wet or expose it to humid conditions for at least 3 days following treatment. It is also important not to wear tight hair bobbles that could leave a dent.

Your Afrotherapy hair stylist will advise you of the correct products to use and procedures to follow at the end of your service.

It is not recommended you have a texture release if your hair is brittle, splitting or damaged. Your stylist may suggest a course of hair treatments and professional hair care products to use to improve the condition of your hair before proceeding with the service.

Read five star salon reviews from delighted clients following their service at Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton, Central London.

The cost of a full head tint can differ depending on the level of stylist you choose and the exact service you require. View more about xxx at Afrotherapy.

Yes, we are experts in corrective hair colouring. No matter if you have unwanted brassy tones, warm tones in the hair or have had a bleach dye gone wrong.