Creative Team

Avant Garde, Creative Hairstyles, Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, LondonThe next time you see a fantastic hair creations  in a top magazine or on a fashion runway spare a thought for the hair stylists behind the scenes!

Afrotherapy owner Harriet Cudjoe and stylist Michelle Garande make up our Creative Team and are in demand for their amazing styling talents.  

Michelle explains: “We design looks for collections, hair shows and fashion shows.  We’ll receive a request from a hair magazine wanting us to create a particular look.  We then come up with an original concept.  We start with a mood board and once we are happy with our idea we’ll find the right model and clothing and prepare the hair on mannequins before trying it out on the model.”

Avant Garde, Creative Hairstyles, Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, LondonUnder Harriet’s guidance, Michelle entered her first creative hair competition in May 2013 and was thrilled to be named Avant Garde Stylist of the Year 2013 and  Fantasy Hair Stylist of The Year Black at the Beauty/Sensationnel Hair Awards and the Black Beauty/WAHL Hair Awards.

Michelle spent three months working on her hair ideas for the awards, coming up with her award-winning Samurai collection.

She says: “These aren’t usually styles you can wear every day.  I use quite a lot of chicken wire to give the hairstyle a specific shape and structure.  I’ve used spray paint, spray glue and have cut hats up to create the looks I want!”

The next step for Afrotherapy’s Creative Team is to do live shows – creating hairstyles in front of an audience.  Afrotherapy plans to organise some mini shows in the salon soon.  Watch this space!