Hi, my name is Shaniqua . I am currently doing a Hairdressing Apprenticeship which will give me an NVQ Level 2 in hairdressing.  In the salon, I am a Salon Assistant and assist the Stylists to ensure all our clients leave the salon feeling fantastic.  Since I have started my hairdressing  journey  I have learnt so much and I can not wait to be able to put what I have learned into practice.

What Made You Choose Hairdressing as a Career?
I am naturally a creative person and always coming up with ideas. It wasn’t till Year 10 when I was at school that I decided I wanted to start doing hair but I didn’t just want to be someone that just works in a salon, I wanted to be someone that works in her OWN salon.  I had picked business studies as one of my options so every business studies class I would map out what my salon would be like from the website to the location to how it would look inside and out.  I like doing hair because I like seeing the transformation a person goes through when having their hair done and being able to stand back and say “that’s my work, I  did that.”

Who’s Hair Would You Most Like To Style & why?  
I would like to be able to cater to all hair types from Afro to Caucasian as this would give me a wider client base and I will have more of a skill set.  Also being able to do hair for up coming celebrities and ones who are already out there would be amazing.

How Do You Describe Your Sense of Style?  
My sense of style is based around music and movies so for example,  urban hi hop 90s  destiny’s child and T.L.C although not as dramatic.

Even though it may sound rough and ragged I adapt it to fit my lifestyle for example work and college and then when I’m out with friends for me every style that you see now isn’t as new as we think some are and some have been adapted from 90s style and someone has put their own spin on it and I think that’s really cool.

I like to connect clothes fashion with hair fashion.



What makes you laugh?   
I laugh at a lot of things so to pick a particular thing would be hard.

Which Type of Hairstyles Do You Absolutely Love to Create?  
I don’t have a particular hairstyle.  If I see something I like and want to create that hairstyle I will work at it until I’m satisfied.

Who Do You Most Admire and Why?   
I have a lot of people that inspire me in loads of ways, but I would have to go with my mum as she has been there for me since day 1 and  I hope to have as much determination, grit, strength  and willingness as she has.

What Qualifications Do You Have Or Are Currently Working Towards?   
I am currently a Salon Assistant, but would like to progress to a Graduate Stylist and then eventually a Senior Stylist.  As soon as I’ve completed my NVQ Level 2, I will go on to do my NVQ Level 3.