Hi, my name is Crystal and I love all things hair.  I specialise in Natural Hair, Weaves & Extensions, Creative Colour on Weaves & Styling as well as Relaxing and Styling Services.

I’m currently available for appointments on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  To book an appointment with me, please call 020 8345 5621

Here’s a bit more about me…Look forward to meeting you soon

What Made You Choose Hairdressing as a Career?
From a young age I knew I was creative rather than academic and I wanted to do Drama, but my mum insisted I did Health & Social Care, which I started but really didn’t enjoy it.  I really didn’t feel it was for me.  One day a friend was going for an interview at a local hairdressing salon and I decided to go along with her.  To my surprise, I was also offered a job and I haven’t looked back since.  I love doing hair, I love meeting new people and I love the industry.  My dream is to one day open a Hairdressing Training Academy and to inspire other young people into the industry.

Who’s Hair Would You Most Like To Style & why?  
I’m a typical hairdresser, and I’m always looking at people’s hair and picturing in my mind how I could create a new look or figuring out what style would suit them better.  I enjoy making my clients feel happy about themselves

How Do You Describe Your Sense of Style?  
I would say uncomplicated, classy and natural

What makes you laugh?   
I can laugh at most things.  I even make myself laugh sometimes:)

Which Type of Hairstyles Do You Absolutely Love to Create?   
I would love to say am a fashionista but unfortunately that would be untrue! I am still working on my style. I normally just throw things together – it seems to be working at the moment. However, in terms of my hairstyles they are always big and a bit avant garde, I love red hair – not too bright, more of a burgundy colour.

Who Do You Most Admire and Why?   
The one person I find myself watching and listening to on a regular basis is Judge Lynn Toler, an American Lawyer who also talks a lot about relationships and empowering young people.  I find her to be honest and motivational 

What Qualifications Do You Have Or Are Currently Working Towards?   
I have NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 in Hairdressing from Newham College.  I also did a short course in Weave Installation and Wig Making.  In the future, I would love to pursue a teaching qualification.

Have you won any awards?  
I have won a couple of awards whilst I was training at Newham College.  However, I feel that at Afrotherapy, I’m now in a salon where I can explore my creativity and would love to compete for Natural Hair, Weave, Bridal and Avant-Garde.

  • Customer Service Award, Newham College
  • Best Colour Application, Newham College


Some Recent Clients Styled by Crystal

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